Our VIP Club just got better: Redeem your points at checkout

Loyalty just got better. You can now redeem your points anytime at checkout.


What does this mean for existing Aab VIP members?
We have updated our rewards and points can now can be redeemed at checkout. Simply log in to your account and at checkout a point slider will show up (examples below).For every 25 points you have, you will be able to redeem £/€/$1 towards your purchases at Aab. - You can claim from £1 up to £40 at a time on all collections on our website.



If I don't have an account, can I sign up now?
Of course! Join in less than a minute via our Loyalty Page & start earning points.

More FAQs:
What is the Aab VIP Club?

A loyalty programme designed for our customers to earn points & receive rewards as they spend! You'll earn 1 point for every £/€/$ you spend in a 12 month period. As your points grow you'll move up a tier.

How can I earn points?
There's plenty of ways to earn points! You'll earn a point for every £/€/$ you spend. To receive extra points, simply write us a product review, like us on Facebook/Instagram or sign up to our mailing list! We'll also have 'double points days' so be sure to keep a look out!

How can I claim points at checkout?

You don't need to claim the rewards in the loyalty panel, and then paste them in the checkout anymore. It's up to you to decide the specific discount and save time by redeeming it directly in the checkout. Simply type the amount desired on the box - It will always indicate how much you're about to claim. 



Can a customer use other discount codes and redeem their points at the same time?

Not currently. The checkout redemption dynamically creates a discount code and applies it to the checkout. If a customer adds a discount code themselves after redeeming points, we'll refund their points instead. However, a customer can use a gift card at the same time as redeeming their points.


What happens if a customer abandons their checkout?

After one hour, their voucher will be invalidated and the customer's points will be refunded to their account so they can be used again.


For further queries please email admin@aabcollection.com

To sign up, please visit our Loyalty Page.