Welcome to our New Website!

Welcome to our New Website!

Elevating Your Shopping Experience

We are thrilled to unveil the latest upgrade to our online platform, which was designed with you in mind. The Aab team has been hard at work crafting a new website with key features that simplifies your shopping journey. Let's take a look into what's new:

Product Videos: Get up close and detailed with our products through immersive videos. See our items in natural lighting and with movement to help you make more informed purchasing decisions from the comfort of your home.



Comprehensive Size Chart: Finding the perfect fit just got easier. Our new size chart is detailed and comprehensive, ensuring that you can select the right size and length with confidence every time you shop from Aab.



Informative Icons: We have added brief and informative icons alongside each product to let you know if an item is lined, has pockets, texture, and the best way to wash and care for it.



Quick add-to-cart and image swipe options: view products, fill your basket, check your eligibility for free shipping, and head to checkout faster with our new in-page viewing and add-to-cart options.



Combined International Stores: Shopping internationally is now so simple! Our combined international stores mean that no matter where you are, you can enjoy the same seamless shopping experience and access to our collections. Click the button on the top left corner of the page to choose from our UK & INT, US, and EU stores.

Elevated User Experience: At the heart of our website redesign is a commitment to delivering an elevated user experience. From smoother navigation to enhanced visuals, every aspect of our website has been optimised to provide you with a seamless and enjoyable shopping journey.

New Aab VIP accounts: Don't to lose your Loyalty points by renewing your Aab VIP account on our new website. Simply create your account using the same email address here


Create an Aab VIP account by clicking on the "person" icon located on the top right corner of the Aab page.



We are incredibly excited about these new features and the opportunities they offer to make your shopping experience better. We welcome you to explore our enhanced website and experience the difference for yourself. Happy shopping!