The Golden Era - Print Hijabs

If you thought The Golden Era ended at our limited edition embroidery range, you are wrong…

Now discover our latest range of over 20 printed hijabs based on the same themes and inspirations behind our embroidery range. Our exclusive range of prints are cut from our lightweight and easy-to-style modal material - A fine choice of hijab to bring your wardrobe to life.


We’ve adapted the style of Calligraphers to create Calligraphy inspired patterns with pops of blue and other tonal shades. However, none of the calligraphy designs in our collection actually have any Arabic words or phrases, instead we adopted some of the classic calligraphy styles and created an abstract pattern to mimic them.

Miniaturist/Mughal Art

We were inspired by elements of Miniaturist and Mughal Art paintings that heavily feature nature, landscapes as well as compelling patterns. We have copied the detail as closely as possible to give the impression that you are wearing a painting.

Mamluk Art

The Mamluks were skilled artisans, who created ornate items such as glazed bowls, plates, armour, and weapons with Arabic calligraphy and intricate designs that were often inspired by the natural world, such as vines, flowers, and stars. They created their masterpieces out of metal as well as enhancing products by gilding them beautifully with gold and other precious metals. As well as metal, the Mamluks made use of enamel, carved wood and coloured glass to express themselves artistically.

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