The Golden Era: In The Making

Every year just before the month of Ramadan we release the most anticipated collection of the year - The Ramadan Collection. For Aab, it’s the most important collection of the year. Not only, because the month of Ramadan is a sacred and a holy month for Muslims but it’s the collection we use to highlight our Islamic heritage. We launch embroidery pieces throughout the year, however Ramadan is the time we unleash all our creative energy and using our highly skilled artisans we bring our Islamic heritage to life.

In today's age where fashion moves at a pace we can just about keep up with, our Ramadan collection is where so much thought, love, and time is taken to create pieces that are not only iconic timepieces but if taken care of - will never lose their beauty and value.

Sadly, as a result of the pandemic, in the last two years we haven’t been able to deliver a Ramadan Collection as we would like to, so this year we are excited to be returning with an exciting collection for this year’s Ramadan.

How does Aab create the collection?


All the work starts a year before launch. We research the themes involved thoroughly, collating pictures for inspiration and essentially building the story of the collection. Once we’ve finalised the research and storyline of the collection we create a colour palette. This acts as the base colours for all the pieces that’ll be produced. It takes a lot of time and multiple revisions before we are happy with all the colours.


Once the foundational planning is complete, we share our ideas and colour palette with our highly skilled artisans who are the geniuses behind turning our ideas into reality. They produce embroidery swatches for us to review. During this process, we get creative and play around with threads and textures and many swatches are produced until we are happy with the results. We have many factors at this stage, such as the placement of the embroidery on the pieces. Where would it stand out the most? Will the embroidery be hidden by someone’s hijab? Is the embroidery too heavy for the fabric?


After all the factors above are considered and we are 100% happy, we give the go ahead for production to take place. Every single one of our embroidery pieces are hand stitched by our artisans. It takes approximately 6-7 days to produce one piece. A heavier embroidery can take several more days to finish, passing through various skilled hands to ensure you receive a timeless piece of elegance.

It's all in the detail...

Aab embroideries are a labour of love - from conception to design and finally production, a lot of time is spent on curating this collection. The beauty is in the detail - even the finishing of a garment undergoes various processes from overlocking to ensure loose threads aren't visible or hanging, to clean hemlines, and a neatness in finishing that’s becoming very rare. You may come across many ‘imitations’ of our embroideries, but when you compare the real to copies, you will see the difference in craftsmanship and finishing. A lot of thought, effort & love has been poured into the collection ensuring you receive a beautiful garment that is unique.

When will the collection launch?

We will be releasing a series of updates on our Instagram page and through our newsletters too. To stay updated make sure to be following/be signed up so you don't miss the release date.