The Calligraphy Collection

What is Calligraphy?

Calligraphy is the art and beauty of handwriting. Arabic Calligraphy scripts are composed with a series of cursive lines and geometric constructions. Other scripts may use fuller curving and linking between letters. Every Calligraphy style will differ depending on the style of the artist and their purpose.

Who are the Calligraphers?

Imam Ali, the fourth Caliph, was the first major Calligrapher known by Muslims. The art of Calligraphy began with him, passing on the knowledge and discipline over to other students. Imam Ali considers the Islamic art form a ‘pleasure to the eye, joy to the heart and fragrance to the soul’. Since the earliest writing of the Holy Quran, writers strove to produce properly correct manuscripts that were deemed suitable for the honourable and beautiful words of Allah. As a result of these writers/artists' efforts and the beauty of their work, masterpieces of the Holy Quran manuscripts are now displayed across museums across the globe.

How was The Golden Era inspired by Calligraphy?

For the Calligraphy collection, we’ve adapted the style of Calligraphers to create Calligraphy inspired patterns with pops of blue and other tonal shades with most of the embroidery featuring on the back and sleeves of our hero pieces. None of the calligraphy designs in our collection actually have any Arabic words or phrases, instead we adopted some of the classic calligraphy styles and created an abstract pattern to mimic them.