Swimwear Hijab Styling Guide

You asked, we listened - After popular requests for matching Hijabs as part of our Modest Swimwear kits, we're happy to announce the release of our Swimwear Hijabs.
As warmer months start approaching, we've also put together a step by step guide for two of the most popular Hijab styles suitable for swimming or any other upcoming holiday escapades.

Classic Wrap

1. Drape the hijab across your head and divide the length on each side with a ratio of 80:20
2. Frame the hijab comfortably around your face
3. Secure your hijab under your chin with a Hijab Magnet, alternatively you may decide to not secure it with anything
4. Wrap the longer side around your head
5. Secure the hijab on the side of your head by tucking the hijab under your chin
6. Tuck in the rest of the hijab under your swimwear top, so it’s hidden and stays out of the way whilst swimming


1. Prior to putting on this hijab style, make sure to have your hair tied securely in a bun
2. Drape the hijab across your head and divide the length on each with a ratio of 50:50
3. Pull both sides of the hijab towards the front of your head and secure it by making a knot at the top of your head
4. Pull one side of the hijab to the back of your head and wrap around your bun
5. Secure by tucking the hijab under
6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 to the opposite side of the hijab
By: Shayma Abdirizak