Prints Aren't For Everyone...Or Are They?

If the thought of stepping out of the house wearing bold prints terrifies you, you might want to keep reading. Here at Aab, we believe everyone is entitled to rock the print look, especially with our new collection of beautiful print hijabs. Playful, daring and irresistibly chic, the new Print Modal Hijabs are guaranteed to add a flair of style and confidence to your look.

It’s not uncommon to find prints and patterns slightly intimidating. Bold colours and fear of clashing patterns can definitely quicken heartbeats. But when it comes to prints, it’s very much a case of discovering your personal style and learning about the basics of patterned dressing.

Prints can complete an outfit, add a snaz of style and even accentuate a whole look. Here are 3 ways to incorporate more prints into your style wardrobe:

Go soft and subtle

If you can’t see yourself donning the prints just yet, you’re not alone. Many women shy away from them and stick to simplicity for fear of looking too young, too frumpy and even too daring. But bold prints are actually more wearable than most think!

Prints never go out of style - and with our latest drop, your options are varied, stylish and easily wearable. If you’re new to prints, ease yourself in by opting for subtle, neutral prints like the Hojas or Hanabira Modal Hijabs, with muted tones that are easy to dress up or down.

Slowly build up your print game

The move to print can be daunting. If you’re used to wearing plain colours, simply pick a subtle print in neutral tones and play with your hijab style to explore the look. Our new collection boasts a variety of subtle choices with softer, blended prints. This can help to boost your confidence with prints and experiment with the colours and patterns that work best with the tones of your face.

Gradually, you can build up your pattern experience by wearing bolder patterns and stronger colours, like the Sombra and Suisai Modal Hijabs. These pieces are fierce but soft, adding a flair of creativity to your look.

Make a statement

The boldness of print can make it the perfect, versatile accessory to completely transform your whole outfit. Loud and audacious pieces, like the Patterned Paisley Modal Hijab and the Floating Fall Modal Hijab, add a unique layer of style and story to your look.

Daring patterns and prints are great statement pieces on plain maxis, abayas and wide flared pants, paving the way for adventurous and confident dressing. Pick a colour from your print and use this as your base; keeping your base and accessories plain and simple can help work the print as a final, chic touch to your outfit.

From easy and casual to daring, fearless and distinct, the Print Modal Hijabs are the perfect statement pieces.

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