No Snag Hijab Magnets: Here's why you need them

Fed up with so many holes and snags in your Hijab? Tired of spending a good 20 minutes trying to detach your tangled pin from your favourite Hijab? Our Hijab magnets are designed for ultimate enhancement from traditional hijab pins that frequently snag Hijabs, irritate the skin and reduce the life cycle of your scarves.

The question that's holding you back from adding it to your basket is will the pin hold and can it take the weight of our Jersey Hijabs, which are heavier than our usual modals and chiffons? You will be happy to know these have been tried and tested even during an intense workout. The magnets are incredibly strong and can hold your Hijabs securely for hours giving your fingers a good work out too whilst trying to prize them apart!

You can attach your hijab magnets under the chin, use them to secure the hijab fabric at the back of your head, or place and secure your hijab on your clothes.

Guaranteed they will remain intact all day long given their exceptional strength, securing the most precious Hijabs such as Chiffon Silks and Crepes to thicker fabrics such as Cotton Blends and Cotton Rich, Premium Jerseys and Modals, causing no discomfort against your skin.

The finish is crafted from nickel-free zinc alloy, the magnets have a dazzling glow that will not bother even sensitive skin. Now available in matte black & nude.

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Please be advised that magnets may pose a choking hazard and are extremely dangerous if swallowed. Keep out of reach of infants, children and pets. If swallowed, seek immediate medical attention.