Inspiration behind the collection for Ramadan

This year our Ramadan Collection showcases soft draping shapes with a modest silhouette, fluid elegant fabrics and an effortless tonal colour palette pleasing to the eye and perfect for everyday pairings from sunrise to sunset.

The collection is a breath of fresh air for your Ramadan Wardrobe.

Timeless Abayas, subtle accessories, beautiful Hijabs capturing the essence of the season. With a serene colour palette, intricate embroidered patterns, where traditional Islamic Art elements are reimagined with unparalleled sophistication and grace.

Our exclusive and limited edition embroideries have taken their themes from the beauty of Islamic architecture, mosaic and abstract representations as well as using geometrical patterns.

Geometric designs in Islamic Art are often built on combinations of repeated squares and circles, which may be overlapped and interlaced to form intricate and complex patterns, including a wide variety of tessellations forming a framework for floral or calligraphic embellishments, or may retreat into the background around other motifs.

These concepts have been captured and breathed into our beautiful embroidered pieces. Each piece has a unique look and feel, taking several days to embroider just one garment, then carefully constructed by our artisans to produce stunning, timeless pieces you will wear now and forever. Our collection features just 17 embroidered limited editions exclusively available online.

Ramadan Collection Launching Soon...