Eid Gift Guide

It’s officially that time of the year again - Eid is upon us! As heartbreaking it is to bid farewell to Ramadan for the year, we also know the excitement that awaits everyone as we prepare for the days of gatherings, stuffed mouths and of course, the most anticipated part, the gifts. In preparation for all the upcoming Eid celebrations, Aab has decided to put together a small gift guide for those of us lacking inspiration or constantly find ourselves scrambling last minute to buy gifts. We’ve lined up some of our finest items alongside other items from our chosen businesses. We’ve got you covered!

Hijab Kit
Aab’s rich selection of luxury hijabs and hijab accessories can possibly mean a full hijab kit is underway for one of your loved ones this Eid. Currently, we don’t sell our hijabs and accessories as part of a set but you can personally mix and match your picks to create an array of hijabs that you know will make the perfect gift. After, choose from our newly launched hijab undercaps to match you hijabs and complete the look by including a twin set of our ultra-strong hijab magnets. Hijab magnets are a great addition to give someone the freedom to experiment with different styles and also guarantee a fuss free hijab experience. At Aab our current picks to build your exclusive set are a trio of the luxurious ombre chiffon silk hijabs in ivory and khaki, sea green and rose and fawn. Complete your set with a complimenting hijab cap and a set of our gold and rose gold magnets.
Aab Dress
I’m sure we can agree it isn’t really Eid if we don’t look the part. So don’t deprive your loved ones from getting the full Aab outfit experience. Browse Aab’s newly released Eid collection, featuring an extensive range of dresses, abayas and kimonos - all celebration worthy outfits. All our pieces feature unique embroidery, cuts and colours, so we’re certain there is something to suit a special someone’s style.
A thoughtful message always goes a long way. Top off all your splendid gifts with an Eid card from UmMay Studio - Aab’s top choice to shop for Eid cards this year. UmMay Studio is a faith driven studio fostering change by creating intentional stationary pieces that serve as reminders to us about Islam. All pieces at UmMay Studio are original, hand drawn illustrations that are printed across various products like notepads, bookmarks and stickers. If your loved ones appreciate art, love to keep organised or perhaps you just want to include a thoughtful message to piece your gifts together, you may want to drop them a line.
Finally, Aab’s foolproof gift for those of you who know that being organised isn’t your shining quality or maybe you’re overwhelmed by our selection of items. Perhaps you’re even shopping for someone who’s that little extra picky when it comes to clothes. Our virtual gifts cards are perfect for those who love to shop for themselves (or wanting to cover up for their lack of organisation and coordination when it comes to gifts but still want to do something special). All our gift cards come free of expiration dates so they’ll always be available to use, so there’s no pressure to spend it all straightaway. No shipping or delivery is required for this simple, trouble free gift - all it is an email straight to their inbox!
Eid Mubarak, From The Team At Aab x