Aab's Journey To Sustainability

What does Aab’s journey to sustainability look like?

If you are asked to define the label ‘sustainable’, what comes to mind? It’s likely your mind is riddled with ‘green’ concepts, such as recycling, reusing or saving energy. Whilst these are all correct, there is more to the label than meets the eye. Being sustainable is a conscious choice and core value that reflects across all aspects of your lifestyle. Aab’s journey to sustainability is ongoing - we know we are not where we want to be just yet, but we recognise our responsibility as a brand and are committed to improving our practices and moving towards more sustainable choices one step at a time.

How Are We Making A Difference?

Aab’s commitment to sustainability initially began with the founding principles of the brand. We have always been mindful about producing our clothing ethically and taking a slow fashion approach thats avoids mass-production. This approach allows us to reduce the amount of waste created by the production process up until goods reach the customer. An example of this is how we re-use leftover fabrics from our production process to produce Face Masks and Hijab Scrunchies. Our aim has always been to provide our customers with quality modest clothing that is made to last.

We are also passionate about giving back to the community as part of being a socially conscious and responsible brand. So earlier this year, we launched the Live Well Project. The name ‘Aab’ is derived from the Persian language that translates to one of the four basic elements of the universe - water - the very definition that drove the start of the initiative. Live Well works to provide deprived communities with the gift of fresh and clean water through the installation of water wells. In total, Aab has successfully completed the installation of 4 wells in Sindh, Pakistan. As a business, we want to make a direct and lasting impact on people's lives by opening the doors to a better quality of life. Every purchase you as a customer make at Aab, supports us to continue running Live Well and provide wells to communities.

Recently, we also moved onto launching our first ever sustainable collection starting off with Hijabs in three eco-friendly materials - Aloe Vera, Organic Cotton and EcoVero. All our products in this Hijab range are sustainability sourced, produced, certified under the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) or can be traced back to its original suppliers. However, this journey doesn’t stop with Hijabs - this is just the start and a vital building block in the right direction.

What Are Our Next Steps?

We are committed to offering a larger range of sustainable clothing in the future for those customers who want shop sustainably. We want to expand Live Well and establish the project in other locations across the globe and increase accessibility to clean, fresh water. As Muslims it’s a fundamental part of Islam to live up to the responsibilities placed on us to look after this earth and the people on it. It’s important that as a modest fashion brand, we educate our customers and build an awareness around the global crisis our earth is inevitably facing so that they are also empowered to make sustainable choices.

By: Shayma Abdirizak