Ramadan At Home

The Blessings of Ramadan under lockdown

It may feel as though Covid-19 has thrown a spanner in the works for Ramadan this year - countries in full or partial lockdown, mosques hauntingly empty and a slight feeling of collective bewilderment rippling through the community.

But a different Ramadan does not necessarily mean a bad one. In fact, this may be the perfect time for us to pause and reflect, escaping the pace of everyday life. This testing time may actually help us extract evermore beautiful benefits from the holy month.


In the midst of the recent pandemic gripping our homes, our relationships and our mental wellbeing, gratitude is essential to gain a positive perspective and fresh energy during this hardship. Thankfulness can help us cope with difficult times by realising how abundant and blessed our lives actually are; a warm bed to sleep in, fresh food on our tables and extra time at home with the kids. Reframing how we assess the current situation not only aids in reducing stress on the body, but allows us to view life in its entirety, rather than focusing on temporary circumstances.

Practicing shukr holds the power to bring us hope and the power to heal.

It helps the mind focus on positivity, blessings and patience.

It allows us to acknowledge and accept that this testing time is part of God’s plan and that this, too, will pass.


Ramadan is a month of generosity and appreciation, where the hearts soften and generosity is revived - even a smile is classed as charity. This well-timed month grants us an opportunity to reassess, to sacrifice and to give. Right now, generosity can fall beyond traditional offerings of charity, Zakat or Sadaqah, but also towards goodness, kindness and community.

Goodness in appreciating and empathizing with heightened global sensitivity at this time.

Kindness in checking up on your neighbours and loved ones.

Generosity in efforts of rekindling community spirit, albeit in undesirable circumstances.

Practicing shukr holds the power to bring us hope and the power to heal.


As Covid-19 disrupts our sense of normality, we must look to this time through the lenses of positivity, proactiveness and harmony. While this year may miss the usual ‘buzz’, the congregational prayers or the shared iftars, this pandemic does not take away the eminent feeling of brotherhood each Ramadan brings. In fact, this year those feelings are stronger, as we begin to appreciate that we’re all in this together, with each one of us playing a vital role in our place in the world - and in our homes.

As homemakers and role models for the household, take time to discuss the upcoming month with your family and plan worthwhile indoor activities to continue the spirit and momentum at home.

This is not a time to be disheartened.

“Verily, with every hardship comes ease.” (Quran, 94:5)

Rather, it’s a moment to fill our hearts with warmth, spirit and remembrance.