HOW TO - Choose Your Modest Swimwear

We pride ourselves in providing diverse options for sizing. Our clothing is available in various sizes, ranging between the petite to plus size spectrum. We also offer customisable sizing, specifically for our Abayas and Maxi Dresses, allowing you to select your desired size and length as two separate categories for accurate sizing. We want you to have control in deciding your desired fit and coverage - one size does not fit all.

Modesty will always remain the core driving factor of our designs, however, we are now extending this feature to our Modest Swimwear so you have options to choose your desired fit, style and coverage, giving it your own personal touch.

Select Your Colour

Our Swimwear range is currently available in three different colours, Black, Olive and Navy, for both our tops and trousers. Since all the items in our Swimwear range are sold separately and not as part of a set, you have the option to mix and match different colour combinations as you please.

Select Your Length

Coverage preferences definitely vary for different women. Although all our Swimwear is fundamentally modest, we still wanted to cater to those preferences. Our Short Top is available in a 40” length and the Long Top is available in a 45” length. Other than added coverage, it’s also a great option to have two lengths to suit our short and tall ladies.

Select Your Fit

We have two options available for trousers. Our Toggle Pants includes toggles at the ankles and has a looser fit, allowing you to roll up and secure your trousers in place to avoid it slipping whilst in the water. However, our standard Swimwear Leggings do not include toggles and have a more snug fit in comparison to the Toggle Pants, to avoid it riding up whilst in water.

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By: Shayma Abdirizak