Keep It Light, Easy And Breezy With These Essential Linen-Feel Looks

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Keep It Light, Easy And Breezy With These Essential Linen-Feel Looks

Are you looking for comfortable modest styles for the summer months? Our new linen-like abayas are made from breathable and soft textured fabric, which offers the perfect balance of coverage, style, and comfort. Say goodbye to the hassle of creases with these easy-to-care-for garments.


What makes our abayas unique?

Our linen-like abayas are designed to provide the ultimate summer comfort without sacrificing style. The lightweight material is perfect for warmer weather, keeping you cool and comfortable all day long. Cut with loose silhouettes and finished with flattering pleats, the abayas are designed to modestly fit all body types. 


Green Cotton Kimono Open Abaya

Green Cotton Kimono


Available in summer colours

Our new abayas come in a range of summer colours, perfect for adding a pop of brightness to your wardrobe. Whether you prefer soft beige pastels or bold blue hues, we have a shade to suit your summer style palette.  


Denim Pleat Open Abaya

Closed and open abaya styles

Not sure whether you prefer a closed or open abaya style? No problem! Our new collection offers both options, allowing you to choose the style that best suits your preferences. Whether you prefer a traditional closed abaya or a versatile open abaya, we have you covered. 


Linen Wrap Abaya


Don't compromise on style or comfort this summer. Upgrade your wardrobe with our new linen-like abayas and experience the perfect blend of fashion and functionality. Say goodbye to creases and hello to effortless style with our linen-like abayas. 


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