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How To Shop The Aab Sale Like A Pro

Prepare a wishlist

We know that no one is trying to lose out on their sizes or the best looks. Scout the website early and start putting together your wishlist to save yourself from having to scour the website on the first day of sale, and risk missing out on the best items. A wishlist is essentially a prepared shopping cart so just select your sizes and checkout from there.


Get into the sale early - Sign up to the Aab VIP Club

Our second handy tip to maximise your chances at bagging those items even more is to sign up to the Aab VIP Club. Create an account on the Aab website and we’ll email members with a link giving you access to the sale 24 hours before the initial launch time for non-members. Make sure to also check the ‘I would like to receive the newsletter’ to be able to receive your access link.


Hunt for statement/staple pieces

It’s finally the best time of the year to restock on essential/staple items. Focus on bagging these items and gradually continue to build your wardrobe around your basics for the rest of the year. Alternatively, it’s also a great time to hunt for statement pieces you wouldn’t usually purchase at full price. Enjoy the process of experimenting with your style by shopping bolder looks without having to break the bank. 


Get ahead on gifting 

Sales are also the best time to stock up on gifts for friends and family. Instead of being last minute or purchasing an average gift, why not invest in quality pieces during the sale, which you can get at a bargain price. 


Don’t just restrict yourself to the things you need right now 

It’s always tempting to only buy clothes you need now for the summer but why not prepare your winter wardrobe from now so you’re all set once the weather changes. Don’t restrict yourself by sticking to one season - Venture beyond summer and get your seasonal wardrobe ready for winter with up to 60% off the retail price for each item! If that isn’t a bargain I don’t know what is.

Sign up to the newsletter 


Finally, signing up to the newsletter will get you ahead of the game for as long as the sale lasts. Further reductions are bound to happen over the month so a newsletter sign up can definitely keep you up to date with the changes.

If you're ready to start grabbing some bargains, shop the Summer Sale NOW!